A graphic combination, these Bulgari Pop jewels turn opposites into the perfect match

Roman creativity and disruptive spirit of the 1980s collide into a dazzling collection with the Bulgari Wild Pop, the quintessence of the brand’s rule-breaking approach to jewelry.

Inspired by a roaring era, Bulgari plays with rare gemstones, bold designs and fabulous craftsmanship, for an entirely unexpected High Jewelry collection.

The 80s, in a word? Extravagant. Drawing from the eclectic spirit of an era, Bulgari designs its own cultural revolution through rare gemstones and cutting-edge designs. The disco music, Andy Warhol’s art, the audacity in fashion and the dreams of the future: everything resounds in a collection that is fresh, from Rome and undeniably Bulgari.

With jewellery savoir faire and watchmaking expertise, Bvlgari crafts its pop idea of time. Precious, ultra-sophisticated and strikingly glamorous, each jewellery-watch is born to capture the excitement of life’s one-of-a-kind moments.

A graphic combination of black onyx and white diamonds, these Pop jewels turn opposites into the perfect match. Seductive and ultra-sophisticated: the Serpenti Secret watch coils time with its unmistakable power of attraction. Maxi style is a state of mind: boasting a large colourful Bvlgari logo, the bracelet encapsulates the bold spirit of the Roman Jeweler. Most probably the first piece of High Jewelry inspired by cannabis leaves, the necklace strikes with its high rate of addiction.

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