Concrete shapes and modern structures collide in Rankin’s new collaboration with Coco de Mer

Rankin and the luxury lingerie and erotica house are back with their new project for the Coco de Mer Fall 2018 collection, with an unusual step towards a more futuristic aesthetic.

RANKIN said: ‘Whenever we work with Coco de Mer, it always feels fresh, but this one had a cool, newtopia, sci fi look and feel, which in the industry category is really unusual.

The set is a surreal, futuristic layout of concrete, harsh lines and deep shadows – think the monolith in 2001 a Space Odyssey. But, in stark contrast, the underwear is an array of delicate outlines and sensual silhouettes inspired by nature, including gem-encrusted garments, floral designs and organic geometrical formations.

Then, as a finishing touch, multi-coloured lights act as a visual highlight throughout the film and stills, adding an ethereal element to the world and softening the leap from the harsh dystopia to the delicate garments.

Coco de Mer CEO, Lucy Litwack says: ‘For the AW18 range, we were inspired by naturally formed structures and formations that look almost unearthly, that appear too delicate or spectacular to be real. We found a wealth of stimulus in terms of colour and fabrication for this collection, and I love what we created.’

With the intricately sensual garments and futuristic style, this collaboration is a mesmerizing blend of genres and themes – and definitely one to look out for this season!