Discover the fragrances inspired by Gabrielle Chanel's most beloved French locations.

June 29, 2018


Named LES EAUX DE CHANEL, this line of fragrances plunges us into unfamiliar territory with remarkable, immediate and lasting freshness that makes us want to sail away.

Inspired by three of Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite places, LES EAUX DE CHANEL are the rewriting of a new sensorial olfactory structure. Created by perfumer Olivier Polge in cooperation with the Chanel Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory, PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS BIARRITZ and PARISVENISE invite more generous application with a sleek, sensual bottle. And, while they are still composed with the noblest ingredients to be found in perfumery, here they are stretched out, more supple and flowing.

PARIS-DEAUVILLE immerses us into a bitter, biting green. A colour that grabs hold of the body and fills it with fresh air. First comes the vivifying energy of orange rind, petit grain and highly aromatic basil leaf. Essence of rose and jasmine-like notes hold their heads high and proud, honoring the floral heart of the composition. Then the distinct, vintage and chypre character of patchouli rings out. A wood rooted in the ground, ready to distill its implacable energy. PARIS-DEAUVILLE is a carefree and roaming Eau. A decidedly wayward signature, between land and sea.

PARIS-VENISE rises to the challenge of harmoniously reuniting the gold and sumptuousness of the Orient with a cozy, cottony sensation. While citrus still weaves it way through the fragrance, neroli remains subdued. A hint of red berry whispers to iris and Grasse geranium, tangy and floral. Then, a vibrant cedar and an ambery accord murmur their voice. You can detect the vanilla note and oriental scents that warm the skin without overpowering. Venice has never been so accessible. Never so subtle.

PARIS-BIARRITZ is the most aquatic fragrance in LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection. There is no question of dissolving the composition. Olivier Polge decided to energize the top notes with a burst of grapefruit and mandarin. Accompanied by an aqueous note, the citrus prepares the way for a lily-of-the-valley accord. The groundswell of the formula, vetiver blends with white musk notes to heighten the bracing sensations. PARIS-BIARRITZ instantly revitalizes. It has the effect of an ice-cold dip in the sea on a sunny day; of a strong, deep breath of air.


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