With strong silhouettes, Mugler's Cruise collection is perfectly tailored for the cool fashionista.

June 27, 2018


The Mugler Resort 2019 collection blurs the lines between feminine and masculine with a softer, streetier Mugler.

“I love it when a boy is as beautiful as a girl and a girl is a handsome as a man,” said Casey Cadwallader, the newly appointed designer at Mugler.

The collection featured sympathetic not-quite-symmetry between the seams of corsetry in the fitted orsos of Cadwallader’s full armed washed nylon jackets and peplumed armless cotton tops—these seams narrowed the waist—and the gently spiraling, fringe-marked, 16-seam per-leg seam in his jeans: these seams widened the leg. The denim also came unfringed, with a complementary high-hemmed seamed jacket. This seaming seemed a trademark in the making.

With a jacket in 12 subtly different shades of blue twill, the piece was matches with some patched blue cargo pants with a modest trail of strapping at the ankle. Parachute pants in more washed nylon—blue, white, black—with zippable sections to inhale or exhale the line of the garment looked sexy and tough.

Evening looks included two fabulous fringed pieces: a black, bodyless jacket from whose shoulders hung a dramatic swaying mass of knitted black fringe, and a dress that supported what Cadwallader said was a total of around 900 metres of fringe in eight shades of “nude” with blurring-with-movement continents of yellow, raspberry, and blue.


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