Chanel pushes back the limits as Kristen Stewart spotlights the first 3D-printed mascara brush

Developed in parallel with the brush for perfect affinity, the formula of the Chanel LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION features a combination of waxes and a supple texture that coats and thickens the lashes. At the heart of the formula, ultra-pure black pigments infuse the texture with absolute deep black. Finally, a polymer film keeps this precious “sensational volume” blend in place until makeup removal. To keep lashes beautiful, a provitamin strengthens them with each application.

As early as 2001, Chanel recognized the potential of 3D printing. In 2007, it registered a first patent for the manufacturing of cosmetic product applicators and notably a 3D-printed mascara brush. “Together, we overcame numerous technological obstacles in order to push back the limits of 3D printing and create a revolutionary product,” points out Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Packaging Innovation Manager for Chanel Parfums Beauté.

The first 3D brush on the cosmetics market boasts an original shape to ensure improved performance, which would have been impossible using classic production techniques.

The surface of the brush has a granular texture that optimizes lash adherence and product deposit. It is also endowed with micro-cavities, which allow it to absorb the mascara formula in order to deliver the right dose to build lash volume with each stroke, without having to dip the brush in the tube again between applications on each eye. The millimeter-scale arrangement of the bristles and the conical tip offer an immediate, extreme volume result on the lashes, with no clumps in sight, and uniform distribution of the formula.

Asia and the rest of the world will benefit in turn from this innovative technology, which announces a new generation of mascaras. And with a single objective: to enhance the singular beauty of every woman.