Discover the untracked path of the wild with Hugh Jackman as he introduces the latest Montblanc watch

Paying tribute to the “Spirit of Mountain Exploration” and honoring the heroes of mountain climbing, we introduce the the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere watch, an innovative timepiece that expresses the trends of going back to nature and discovery.

This innovative timepiece is dedicated to the Seven Summits Challenge – the holy grail of climbers. To date, less than 500 athletes have managed to reach the highest peak of each continent. The combination of materials such as steel and ceramic underlines the high quality and exclusiveness of this timepiece. The dial features the world’s seven summits, which are marked with red dots on two turning globes. These are also engraved on the case back.

The timepiece features a new world-time complication developed by Montblanc watchmakers in Villeret: two domed globes that complete a full rotation in 24 hours as they turn in opposite directions. Both are surrounded by a scale with the 24 time zones, along with a day and night indication in contrasting colours.