We are greeted by the Fall 2018 collection inspired by the Louboutin creative studio

Introducing the Christian Louboutin Loubi in Progress, a collection celebrating the creation process with a visually bold collection.

A creative testimony fixed on the side of sneakers, flats and stilettos, on the flap of handbags or wallets. On your feet or shoulder, you carry around a unique fragment of the Maison Christian Louboutin. For this collection, Christian Louboutin turned the shoes inside out. Stripped naked, they are immortalized the very minute before they are covered with fabric. The metal structure of heels shines apparent, the back of the shoes still in a rough form. The new designs spotlight elements that usually go unseen: construction canvas, cork, metal pieces…

This time, kraft paper is turned into unsuspected pieces of high fashion. This iconic material has been sheltering the Louboutin creations since the very beginning, in the form of shopping bags and shoes boxes. It is now the pulsing heart of the collection. The historic kraft paper was torn up, sometimes crumpled, cut and finally handassembled into collages, put on display under a glossy layer of PVC. Encapsulated forever in each piece is the artistic gesture exposed, undisturbed, and frozen into unique compositions.

Even better, the atelier already contains all the elements to ignite inspiration: a diverted measuring tape, artfully knotted, becomes the upper of the Metrisandal or a graphic pattern on the Paloma bag.

To enhance the graphic effect of ribbed kraft paper, a minimal colour palette restates the Louboutin essentials: metallic spikes, white logo, red heels. The So Kate Booty speaks for this sleek design with all-red heels and fluid curves while the Louis sneaker becomes the new essential for urban men on the go with matching Skypouch pochette.

The Loubi in Progress collection is now available worldwide on www.ChristianLouboutin.com and in Christian Louboutin boutiques from June 2018.