Discover the collection inspired by the Montreal-born artist Dorothea Rockburne

The COS x Dia collection is a partnership with Dia Art Foundation to support the long-term installation of Dorothea Rockburne’s large-scale works at Dia:Beacon in upstate New York that opened in April 2018.

Rockburne, born in Montreal and who studied under Paul-Émile Borduas and Jean-Paul Riopelle, has long been an inspiration to the brand’s creative team, and a number of garments and accessories from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection were inspired by her work.

Dia, taken from the Greek word meaning “through,” was founded in 1974 with a commitment to advancing, realising and preserving the vision of artists. Dia fulfils this mission by commissioning new projects, organising temporary exhibitions and displaying its own collection at Dia:Beacon and Dia:Chelsea, as well as maintaining site-specific works in New York City, the American West and Germany.

Since the inception of the brand over a decade ago, COS has consistently looked to the world of art and design to inspire and inform its collections. To give back and honour that dialogue, the brand has partnered with both well-known and emerging artists, architects, galleries and foundations globally to commission new works and support projects that further the exploration of line, shape and form that drives design.

The collection is now available at only seven COS stores in North America.

Go behind the scenes and discover the mathematical inspiration behind the collection.