Chanel highlights the making of the most iconic handbags.

May 1, 2018


The French Maison outlines a myriad of operations goes into the making of the legendary handbags with the Chanel Handbag Stories, relying on a variety of know-how and technical skills.

The film outlines the process of creation for the Chanel Gabrielle Bag and Boy Bag.

The Chanel GABRIELLE bag is imagined by Karl Lagerfeld and bears the name and spirit of the founder of the House. Contrasted and structured the bag is strict and supple, all at once. The double metal, gold or silver tone chain, allows multiple ways to carry. Signed with a double C, the bag is closed with a zip and adorned with a CC.

The Chanel BOY bag was created by Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic design owes its name to Gabrielle Chanel’s first love, Boy Capel. Rectangular shape affirms a boyish allure. The large link chain expresses an androgynous spirit. A unique double C fastening mechanism, an identifiable signature.

To celebrate the craftmanship of the Chanel bags, Kaia Gerber is the new star of the Chanel accessories ad campaign, which involves her casually lounging on Coco Chanel’s Paris couch, clutching Chanel’s most iconic designs while Karl Lagerfeld snaps photos of her.

The campaign centers around a few details of each of six bags’ history, design and construction. The campaign also features podcast interviews with four high-profile, fashionable women, recorded in Coco’s apartment discussing their own handbag stories.

Watch the making of the Chanel handbags with a look at the intricate craftsmanship and quality details behidn the famed accessories.


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