Glamour and girls strut the runway at Saint Laurent’s Fall runway show

Rocking glitzy leather looks, the Saint Laurent Fall 2018 collection features a lineup of tailored nightwear.

Retaining the house’s preference for slim-cut trousers and upscale leathers, Fall 2018 also sees a new source of inspiration bringing back the early-20th-century.

Women wore slinky dresses, face-obscuring hats and dresses with plunging, sculptural necklines. Smoky makeup further solidified the retro inspiration, but the looks weren’t caught up on reliving the past — Saint Laurent’s focus on slim cuts ensured that the looks remained contemporary, with plenty of dazzling sequins and accessories emphasizing the glitzy vibes.

Disguised within the dark, dense layers of this collection were vast numbers of jackets, shirts, and blouses for both genders. The collection featured tailored black leather, velvet, embroidery, tassels, and fringed trimmings.

The runway show featured a vast, spotlight-projecting, stadium-size box, opposite the Eiffel Tower. The design of the temporary architecture was built to illuminate the public space in a spectacle. The space spotlighted the night skyline, emitting rays and vapor like something between a concert venue and scene out of a sci-fi series: a thrill for the Stranger Things generation, brought to life.

Watch behind the scenes as Saint Laurent spices things up at the Eiffel Tower.