Explore Bally’s athleisure Fall collection of tailored styles and sporty details

The Bally Fall 2018 collection is a story of homecoming, reviving a luxury sportswear base, and returning to Switzerland – and the heart of Bally’s heritage – with a strongly transeasonal collection and unisex charm. The film is a journey, grounded in the nostalgia of leaving and the anticipation of embarking on something new.

An urban traveller with an unhindered spirit, the Bally Woman has a ’70s charm and carefree attitude. Replica sneakers and the bestselling babouche theme are updated, evolving the story. New bag shapes featuring the Bally Stripe and retro bowling bags, with ready-to-wear featuring strong outerwear silhouettes, flared pants, and archive printed pieces.

Highlights included a check coat with a shearling collar, a shearling-detailed pointy-toed flat, some bowling bags with vintage logos, and a bordeaux shearling shirtdress. Dunlop Volley-style sneakers with an archive blue Bally swoosh were absolutely “yes, please.”

Discover the collection here.