Rochas focuses on fluide silhouettes paired with strong tailoring for Fall.

March 14, 2018

Irrespective of trends, Alessandro Dell’Acqua courts the woman who appreciates the couture spirit found in clothes that are feminine and elegant with details that bring them to life. For the Rochas Fall 2018 collection, the designer spotlighted daywear with a retro bourgeois aesthetic.

The collection featured tobacco-colored slim shirtdress, the caramel silk trench and python boots. Including suiting, this time loose, double-breasted, with overwide shoulders. A handsome plaid version traded a traditional blazer for a leather-trimmed bomber, to modern effect. Most of the day offerings focused on separates, which had a mix-and-match ease to them. There were woolly layered looks, a gorgeous metallic brocade opera coat worn with a lovely mismatched floral printed dress, silky A-line skirts with crystal grid overlays, a navy pinafore dress depicting a meadow scene in metallic beading, and even a little high/low mixing, as in the case of a tight fur bomber jacket worn with a gorgeous beaded pencil skirt.

Other highlights included an eggplant purple leather pussybow blouse paired with an elegant lavender duster with overwide lapels, a softly pleated peachy organza dress with a jeweled neckline, and a variety of glitter boots and snakeskin crossbody bags. All of the jewel tones, metallic brocades, dense beading, and sophisticated outerwear.

Shirt-dressing and outerwear came with exaggerated ’70s collars, and the latter he offered in a range of textures and colors from the subtlest pink to a yolky yellow. Everything was accessorized with knee-high boots in snakeskin with glitter heels. There was a shimmering teardrop brocade that he used for a coat and a bib-front dress, and a metallic v elvet devoré that turned up on a delicate blouse and a romantic floaty dress.

Relive the Rochas Fall 2018 fashion show at the Grand Palais in Paris backstage.


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