Stella McCartney brings a soft deconstructed edge to effortlessly feminine Fall styles.

March 8, 2018

Upbeat, confident, alive, the Stella McCartney Fall 2018 runway show played out the designers vision of the modern Stella woman at the Opéra Garnier in Paris.

Injecting a modern step-up to classic and timeless pieces, the collection features tailoring that is turned inside out; the lining of a coat becomes a fluid dress with exposed seems and darts… We’re not hiding anything this season. Revisiting the timeless tailored jacket, waistcoats are reconstructed and worn stacked on top of each other creating a fluid look. Another playful update to tailoring calls for a double take – from the front, trousers look to be worn under shorts, but from behind we see they are cut from the same cloth.

A bohemian vision played out through a stitched-up patchwork of colour, texture and pattern. Taking it to extremes with extended curls of yarn, giving deep patterned relief to a cape and oversized jumper. Then, traditional Aran jumpers pave the way for our signature knitwear style – enlarged and charcoal melange fabrics that are knitted to fall off or cling to the body.

A riff on vintage-inspired dresses adds naturally sexy appeal to the mood with underwear as outerwear. Reconstructed dresses allude to sultry lingerie slips and are reimagined as your chic new season look. Neon pink lends a fluoro kick to a lace dress, intricately beaded by hand.

With a nod and a wink to British art, look out for the work of J.H. Lynch whose evocative paintings are printed across t-shirts and peeking out from under lace gowns. A cloud of rich transparent tulle floats around Lynch’s “Tina”, “Lisa” and “Nymph” artworks that take us further into that evocative moment.

Falabella fans to the front: we update the iconic accessory with a fine chain, coloured to match the rest of the bag. Our logo becomes a dynamic touchstone as bags are perforated with the iconic Stella monogram. See clusters of mini bags, tiny wallets, keyrings and phone cases in different textures, as well as a sporty drawstring bag.

The brand also threw in a surprise; the official launch of our menswear on the runway, celebrating the relationship between the Stella man and woman in a fresh and modern way.

Go backstage and discover Stella McCartney’s timeless styles with a sophisticated edge at the Fall 2018 runway show.


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