Gucci creates a Fall collection reflective on identity.

March 2, 2018

The Gucci Fall 2018 collection took the shape of a genuine Cyborg Manifesto (D. J. Haraway), in which the hybrid was metaphorically praised as a figure that can overcome the dualism and the dichotomy of identity. The Cyborg, in fact, was a paradoxical creature keeping together nature and culture, masculine and feminine, normal and alien, psyche and matter. Conflicting with any category grid, the Cyborg was the expression that blends different evolving identities. Hybrid and shifting identities, built on multiple belongings, that transgress the normative discipline.

“We are the Dr. Frankenstein of our lives,” said Creative Director Alessandro Michele. “There’s a clinical clarity about what I am doing. I was thinking of a space that represents the creative act. I wanted to represent the lab I have in my head. It’s physical work, like a surgeon’s.”

The collection was a mix of cultural references and regional garb with headscarves and modest, covered-up folk-costume dresses next to spangled, ’20s showgirl chain mail and jewelry. English tweed was mixed with Scottish plaid, and a Fair Isle sweater meanwhile, Italian ’80s vintage beige businessman suiting was exhibited with a glam power-woman ruched dress and gold leather peplum jacket.

Representing the growth and self-awareness of a person as well as being conscious of one’s evolution, models walked the Gucci Fall 2018 runway show holding replicas of their heads. This advanced technology is then finished hand texturizing by artisans in the factory’s laboratory.

Go behind the scenes as Gucci recreate the models’ faces with silicone and plaster, and then scanned at Makinarium’s headquarters in Rome six months ago for a virtual 3D impression to capture their expressions.


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