Bottega Veneta gets fired with on a series of campaign films set to ignite the Spring collection

The Bottega Veneta Spring 2018 campaign, titled Reflections, is an anthology series of six distinct and deeply cinematic short films, directed by Fabien Baron.

The films translate the vision of creative director Tomas Maier with a sense of mystery, sensuality and surrealism. The enigmatic narratives of Reflections explore themes of rebirth, reversal of time and reconnection.

Reflections marks a new chapter for the Art of Collaboration, assembling a team of extraordinarily talented collaborators, instead of a single creative voice, to achieve this complex production. Academy-Award nominated cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd, who has worked with Wong Kar-Wai and Sofia Coppola, created moody, film noir lighting.

Set designer Stefan Beckman built six beautiful sets, each its own surreal dream world. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel composed a haunting, ethereal original score for each film. And the cast of models brought the scenes to life with emotion and intensity.