Seven reels, seven chapters featuring the Chloé Spring collection with a retro vibe

Presenting the Chloé Spring 2018 ad campaign featuring Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s debut collection in a film by Steven Meisel.

Conceived as though a naked confession, the film captures the nostalgia of the present, a passage where the moment becomes a memory. Its scenes evoke the fragments of long forgotten film reels.

The camera works like a diary, randomly recording images as stolen moments. From these glimpses emerge Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s first collection with her vision of the Chloé woman. Within this universe can be found the campaign images—moments captured as freeze frames.

These women, so unscripted in their movements, reinforce a sense of spontaneity inher-ent to their New York milieu. Each of the reels becomes a dreamlike trace of their freedom, of their comings and goings, of their fleeting connections. Here, we arrive at the passage between reality and fantasy.

Amidst the beauty of these young, self-assured women as apparitions, there remains a hint of innocence, which intensifies the impact. These dark obscure snapshots reveal a multitude of women—and their singularity.