Estée Lauder paints with a passion in a new lip color collaboration with Ian Davenport

Estée Lauder asked artist Ian Davenport to bring the same textures to life in his work for our campaign. Watch and see his signature drip paintings in action. Because Estée Lauder’s new breed of Lips To Envy liquid lipstick comes in three distinct finishes—matte, metallic and vinyl.

Discover the power of liquid Envy. Intense, smooth, ultra-comfortable color. This is paint with a passion.

Saturates lips with 3 boldly seductive finishes. Matte, a paint on long-wearing drama. Paint on style. Matte but never flat. Vinyl, paint on shine. Paint on sexy. Fits your lips like a curvy vinyl dress. Finally metallic, paint on dazzle. Paint on daring. Gleaming brushed chromes in super-hot shades that last all day.

Each shade comes in the finish that suits it best.

Meet artist Ian Davenport and take a tour of his London studio, as he shares how the collaboration for Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Color came to life.