Step into a dream and discover the art and elegance Sergio Rossi’s four whimsical artisans for the holidays

The Saltimbanco (the Jester), the Ballerina, Spadaccino (the Swordsman), and Uomo Metallico (the Mechanical Man) work their magic, creating sparkling Sergio Rossi sr1 holiday collection made of pumps, booties and slippers for you to enjoy.

The Italian brand has created an animated short film that reimagines the brand’s real-life luxury shoe factory in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, as a winter wonderland. Titled ‘The Artisanal Orchestra’ and directed by Virgilio Villoresi

Dolls pull metallic heels through the snow like sleighs and hover around a conveyor belt like tiny holiday elves, all to the tune of dramatic violin strokes.

With his playful leaps, the Jester adds the magic plate. The Swordsman possesses the art and elegance of the inlay. With her polished pirouettes, the Ballerina adds the cherry on top. The Mechanical Man crafts with a heart of gold.

Watch below as the artisans create a world of magic and wonder in the new Sergio Rossi holiday film.