We are in love with Emily Ratajkowski’s debut swimwear line of pretty prints and sexy styles

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski recently launched Inamorata, a swimwear line carries her signature vintage vibe. Inspired by past Sports Illustrated issues and Helmut Newton photographs, Ratajkowski borrowed ideas from styles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s with figure-accenting, high-cut bathing suits.

“I’ve been doing different things with different people, but to have complete control is really special and exciting,” the model told Vogue.

With six styles, three bikinis and three one-piece swimsuits, the bikinis are also sold separately with separates and tops priced. Emily Ratajkowski made sure that these monokinis will enhance your waist in the best possible way. Besides the super-high cuts, she used belts and bow ties to draw all the attention to the waist. The idea for the bow ties came from a picture in Sports Illustrated from the model Stephanie Seymour. This model wore a one-piece swimsuit with few bow ties in the back. Emily was obsessed with this idea and decided to add these details on the front. The bow ties are adjustable so you can have control over the tightness in the waist area.

The swimsuits come in a few fun prints as well as solid hues. There are swimsuits in a vintage polka dot print, a fierce leopard print, rich brick red and pastel peach color. All the one-piece styles are perfect for everyday wear.

Shop the collection here.