Stella McCartney re-invents a classic fragrance adding a timeless vibrancy and sensual quality

The Stella McCartney STELLA Peony is back, a celebration of the original scent and capturing the energy of a blooming English garden. Delicate yet daring, the fragrance combines fresh peppery florals with the sensuality of amber.

The signature flacon finds new energy in a luminous shade of pink with geometric black cap, as packaging is made to match with dotted flecks of gold.

There was always something in the original Peony fragrance that really caught the spirit of what we do at Stella McCartney, and we wanted to bring back that unique scent. It is a beautiful sister to the original Stella fragrance, and I think that is what people yearn for,” said Stella McCartney.

Honouring our commitment to sustainability we have substituted ambergris with a modern and environmentally friendly alternative to capture the seductive amber note in the fragrance.

Patchouli is a species of plant that we use to enhance the scent’s earthy depth. What is important is how we make that sustainable – achieved here through molecular distillation and careful sourcing. The precious raw material is responsibly sourced by local farming projects in Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, meaning we can ensure farmers get greater revenues and know our end product is ethical.

In a new campaign shot by Mary McCartney, model Arizona Muse embodies the Stella woman with a vibrant spirit, bold attitude and natural beauty.