Gucci kicks of the holiday season with an artistic touch to their gift selection.

November 17, 2017

The Gucci 2017 Gift Giving ad campaign for the holiday season, spans many categories – from handbags to jewellery, from shoes to T-shirts, and from porcelain to childrenswear.

Special interactive content will be available on the Gucci app, such as filters that can be used to customise photographs, digital greetings cards that can be personalised and sent, a digital interactive version of the Gift Giving book, and software that will animate. In Milan and New York, the Gucci Art Walls will feature new illustrations depicting the House’s new eyewear.

At the centre of the Gift Giving campaign is a book that showcases a whole series of digitally-created artworks by Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal. With a narrative referencing the story of the fall of Icarus, the catalogue features works that incorporate the products that Gucci has designated as its Gift Giving selection.

‘Icarus fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra, I guess,’ says Monreal. ‘If you fly too close to the sun, you’re going to get burned. If you fly too low, you’re going to drown in the sea. It feels quite bluntly obvious, but I find it quite timeless, and reassuring. You have to find the middle point to land on the other side. It’s not a cosmic science, just a tricky human condition. Icarus himself is a very romantic character and of course symbolic of everything young and pretty. Very East London!’

The Spanish artist first collaborated with the House on the #guccigram project in 2015, and his work was also featured in the Cruise runway show for 2018, printed on T-shirts. A special collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts that display Monreal’s distinctive imagery has been developed for Cruise 2018.


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