Fall in love with Roland Mouret’s first fragrance with feminine flair

The Roland Mouret Une Amourette scent is the brands first seductive fragrance that makes and leaves its mark as you move. Wear it at the pulse point between your thighs and as you walk, cross your legs… the warmth and friction unleash an aroma that will capture your attention through the most primitive sense: smell.

Infusing the sweet smell of neroli essence with traces of cardamom, this sensual fragrance opens with spicy notes of pink peppercorn, before revealing an earthy undertone of patchouli oil enriched with vanilla, that gives this fragrance a tantalising fini.

In celebration of his first fragrance, Roland Mouret has collaborated with architect and long-time friend, Mehrnoosh Khadivi, to create an art sculpture to physically realise the essence of Une Amourette. The poetic, kinetic installation combines Roland’s love of sculpture and design with Khadivi’s architectural eye – fusing the power of movement, science and imagination to create the Une Amourette pendulum wave.”

The pendulum wave sculpture is an abstraction of the ten physical ingredients of the scent mixed with five more conceptual ephemeral ingredients coming uniquely together tocreate Une Amourette.

Each pendulum represents one of the physical or ephemeral ingredients of Une Amourette including Pheromone, Gold and most importantly Skin. The individual who wears this scent is ultimately the last vital ingredient.