Celebrating nature’s botanic masterpiece, the Amazon, Elie Saab gets inspired by the rainforest and its living creatures

For the Elie Saab Spring 2018 collectio, vivid vegetal print acts as a statement throughout, with leafy graphics animating pieces. Like a living, breathing forest in motion, the collection boasts a coming together of light, fluid-like materials, all layered in perfect unison.

Outlines of wild leafage are articulated through innovative lace and crochet techniques, while python appears as both an imposing print and an intricately embroidered pattern. Thin and silky fringes also swing away as they cross the undefined paths, like a dynamic dance of jungle vines. A bright color palette of warm yellow, hibiscus red, waterfall blue, orchid pink and shades of white burst into life amidst the deep jungle green canvas that surrounds them.

A true reflection of the jungle’s untamed & wild nature, feminine cuts and organic layering seamlessly fuse together to create a bold Spring 2018 collection that embodies the free-spirited nature of the woman of today.

Navigate through the backstage jungle, captured just before heading out into the camera’s flashes, as these models make the season’s mood their own, with a fierce and bold Amazonian-like allure.