Rochas spotlights bold hues and intricate patterns for Spring.

October 26, 2017

Abstract and stylized signs, symbols and ideas from the East, that was the stated goal of Rochas Spring 2018 collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week. True to the 92-year-old fashion house, founded by Marcel Rochas, looks were exotic, mysterious, and just a little boho.

Exotic, opulent, and golden brocades, pieces were dubbed with crêpe de chine and worn backwards. Each creation is light and shadow, forehand and backhand. The embroideries were superimposed to the prints. And the prints are superimposed to brocades. Light and heavy coexisted in the same look, a layering of colors and patterns but also of volume and silhouettes. Memories of boudoir and French couture: chiffon, sigaline, georgette describe important structures glorious as memories of past greatness. Everything was contemporary and linear in appearance. But also articulate and traditional in details.

Black was ubiquitous in a color palette with shafts of lights that show up as snippets of sky seen by window slits. Light pink, purple, blue and a dissonant tint of green.

Accessories were punctuations of color with Flat mules or semi-high mules by strong tones. And micro clutches in tone with the collection. The looks were accessorized with elbow-length gloves.

Sneak in and discover the Rochas Spring 2018 fashion show backstage side and follow the mood from first preparations hours before the show to the finale.


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