Just a few steps off place Vendôme, this exceptional showcase is dedicated exclusively to fragrances.

October 25, 2017

Maison Guerlain has returned to where its exceptional story began, choosing 356 rue Saint-Honoré for the new Guerlain Parfumeur boutique.

Founded in 1828 set up shop on rue de Rivoli, rue de la Paix and then place Vendôme, this is where the perfumer’s reputation flourished.

The boutique boasts a fragrance library containing 110 fragrances, testament to Guerlain’s rich profusion of creativity. Personalized services are taken to an unprecedented level, with a unique digital consultation that applies sophisticated algorithms with a perfume organ to determine the personal fragrance profile of visitors. There are also perfume fountains where customers can refill their iconic Bee bottles, as well as personal consultations to create a bespoke fragrance. And because no one fragrance should resemble another, bottles can be customized as well, with a choice of bottle color, size, ribbon, neck bow and label, inviting customers give free rein to their creativity.

As at the Guerlain Parfumeur boutique in Brussels, there is a perfume cellar that stores perfumes under the ideal light and temperature conditions – with a precision to one degree – just like fine wines!

These exceptional fragrances and perfumer savoir-faire are highlighted by a meticulously restored space featuring the favorite materials of Jean-Michel Frank, the interior designer of the original Guerlain boutique at Place Vendôme, including Roman travertine marble, straw marquetry, parchment and gypsum. Revisited by talented applied arts artisans, the decor resonates with the work initiated by Frank, Bérard and Giacometti.


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