Coco Code exudes signature style in the latest timepiece by Chanel

The Chanel Code Coco is more than a watch, its a jewel. At first glance, we notice a bracelet that sparkles around the wrist. Initially, one recognises the clasp of the 2.55 bag. Then there are two hands. The eyes then glide along the quilted bracelet and we discover the watch.

It does not reveal its secrets from the start. Liberated from time, respecting traditions with contemporary irreverence – Chanel’s codes are timeless.

The Chanel Code Coco watch closes with a click like the quilted 2.55 bag, created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955, whose clasp adorns the heart of the watch’s dial. The clasp is named Mademoiselle and seals the watch with an exclusive flourish. The chocolate motif on the watch also criss-crosses suits in fashion shows and on handbags, watches and jewelry, keeping within the allure of Chanel.

Open or closed, it conceals or unveils the time discreetly hidden there. Time itself, is a secret to be protected. A diamond subtely shines on a black dial, the maker of a precious allure. Of all gemstones, the diamond was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite. She loved the graphic beauty and clarity of the diamond. In her own words: “If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents, in its density, the greatest value in the smallest volume.” Its supple bracelet, so light the tinniest movement is unhindered, recalls the beginning of this quilted design.

A tribute to a story, style and look, the Code Coco watch carries the ever-renewing codes of Chanel.