The eyewear brand expands its retail reach with a second store in L.A.

Gentle Monster opened its second US store in Los Angeles at 816 South Broadway in Downtown LA. The new store is the eyewear label’s 15th global retail location and its first store in the western US.

The new shop embodies high-end experimentation. Gentle Monster has become known for its unique store spaces, styling and technology applied to its stores as well as products, and the new location is no different. Decorated with kinetic sculptures, installations and unique finishes that follow the theme “harvest,” with 2,000 metallic rods symbolizing rice, greeting you as you enter. The brand is bringing the full experience to Los Angeles with its impressive design, and Vice President of Gentle Monster in the US said, “While already rich in culture, Broadway is redeveloping itself and we are honored to be a part of its new history.”

Concrete columns form partitions in the store and separate the eyewear selection from the installation that is located in a dimly lit section of the store with dark flooring and glass walls.

Much like Gentle Monster’s global retail locations in New York City, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, the Los Angeles store features an art installation that serves as the store’s centerpiece. The 4,800-square-foot store houses a kinetic sculpture by Floria Sigisomondi inspired by traditional harvesting methods, which compliments the interior’s wooden shelves fixed in the walls.