Madonna launches a new skincare line harnessing the power of nature with leading-edge science.

October 10, 2017

The simplicity of the MDNA Skin collection by Madonna is born of innovation in response to the great beauty challenges that are confronted. Madonna, a global beauty icon with a passion for esthetic treatments, guides the brand with the sensibility of an artist. Montecatini Terme, a town historically renowned for the healing powers of its natural resources, provides the ingredients. MTG, a company with a deep understanding of how to fuse technology and beauty care, underpins the brand with scientific knowledge.

“It’s a line I use every day. Some things I use when I don’t wear makeup and am not doing shows, and others are specifically good for having to apply makeup and be under stage lights,” Madonna said. “I developed it for me specifically, but it also feels universal. I mean, my children use it, my friends use it.”

MDNA Skin includes nine products to start—a face serum, eye serum, rose face mist, eye mask, mask remover sheets, a chrome clay mask, and later in the year, a finishing cream, something called a Reinvention Cream, and an onyx black beauty roller crafted out of high-density carbon and emits infrared rays.

MDNA Skin is the only skincare brand in the world outside of Italy that is supplied with fango from Montecatini. Rich with beauty minerals such as bentonite, calcium and potassium, which are essential for maintaining tissue health, the fango is the key ingredient featured in the Chrome Clay Mask.

The fango itself is a unique and precious mixture of clay suspended in thermal water which is kept for maturation, churned and mixed by flows from numerous spring sources of highly concentrated alkaline saline-sulfate water.


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