Fusing Claudia Schiffer’s incredible fashion career with the unique talent of Edgardo Osorio from Aquazzura was the perfect fit for a collaboration

The Aquazzura x Claudia Schiffer collection features 8 statement-making styles that talk to the contemporary woman.

Claudia’s three-decade span in the fashion industry has given her an incredible eye for design, brought to life by the Aquazzura’s aesthetic. From elegant evening pieces, fringed flat boots to everyday must-haves, the collection encapsulates the perfect selection for any occasion.

Claudia Schiffer & Edgardo Osorio had an instant connection upon meeting, sparking a collaboration. “Partly because of this synergy, and partly because of his incredible talent and beautiful taste, creating this collection together has been a pure pleasure – and it will hopefully give the women who wear the shoes just the same delight,” said Claudia Schiffer.

This connection evolving into Aquazzura x Claudia Schiffer, encapsulates a versatile selection of styles resulting in the perfect pair for every occasion. Each piece is practical, yet desirable, combining Claudia’s personal touch with Edgardo’s attention to detail.

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