Fur, floral, and futuristic details for the Fendi Spring collection

The Fendi Spring 2018 collection captives us with symmetrical stripes, checkerboard patterns, and surprising silhouettes. Sequins shimmer like the sea, while botanical accents from florals to palms add that island feel.

Italian Futurism meets seaside cool in a collection that moves from sheer, transparent fabrics to more structured lines, embellished with summer’s signature details.

Triangulation was one of the themes going on at Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld had dashed off sketches: triangular shoulders, nipping into the waist, skirts with flaring hems. It originated in thoughts about Italian Futurism—an early-20th-century art movement, capturing the dynamic speed of the modern machine age.

The core of the house of Fendi, however, is what they’re technically able to do with fur and leather. Sometimes it’s subtly expressed, as in a green leather coat with flowers applied via a heat process rather than sewing, or fur inlaid as stripes and checks. The house is leagues ahead of others in technical expertise.

Still, it was the logos that will garner the most attention from the trend-hungry. A printed Fendi fur bomber jacket and coat, and the Fendi-logo totes, will be bound to be featured in every editorial story about the new logomania come next spring.

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