Show your emotions with endless looks with Dolce & Gabbana’s Emotioneyes makeup collection

Sistine and Sophia Stallone take us through the old town of Bari as they spark conversation and dance with locals, ultimately learning the art of making Orecchiette pasta to discover the Dolce & Gabbana Emotioneyes collection.

Dress your look to express emotions by defining eyes with charm, sensuality and intensity and frame the feeling with bold yet natural-looking brows.

The eye is the limit with this complete collection for eyes and brows. Designed to create a full range of eye-catching effects, the new Emotioneyes High Definition Eyeliner Stylo and Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo are made to turn up intensity.

The Eyelines Stylo gives fffortless precision. Its fine, felt tip applicator delivers instant style in the blink of an eye, drawing thin-to-bold lines quickly and expressively. Infused with water-based pigments for pure intensity that lasts.

The Powder Duo has intensity that takes shape in bold, new ways. Colour-matched for the most natural-looking brow tones and doubled for true customization, this high-performance duo is designed to work wet or dry for infinite effects. Micronized pigments build and blend, while a Soft-Focus Complex keeps it natural thanks to the light-reflecting and blurring effects of its blend of fine powders & polymers.