Christian Louboutin creates three distinct parfum personalities all with a distinct memory.

September 11, 2017


The Christian Louboutin fragrance collection allows women the possibility to play with their femininity and to empower them in the way they choose to express their feelings and desires.

“What is fascinating about perfume is that it is present and then immediately past. It inscribes itself in your memory and your sub-conscious,” said Christian Louboutin. “There is something very exciting about the way it is there one moment and then it leaves a trace.

Similarly it is women that inspired the new 30ml bottle. Christian wanted a bottle that would be both an object of desire and the perfect size for a woman to take with her on all life’s adventures.

The design features the signature iconic colours associated with each parfum: Egyptian sunset dark gold for Bikini Questa Sera, warm rouge and shimmering gold for Tornade Blonde, deep purple for Trouble in Heaven.

To celebrate the launch of the new bottle Christian is releasing three short films entitled the personality films, which are a powerful evocation of both the parfums and Christian’s message of love to women. In each of the short films the parfum is defined by a woman and her desires.

Bikini Questa Sera is a sumptuous parfum that evokes the heat of the day on the skin and that golden hour as the sun slips behind the horizon and the cool of the night awakens. White flowers – heady tuberose and opulent jasmine – combine to create a deeply sensuous, voluptuous parfum.

Tornade Blonde is a modern and enchantingly feminine floral with Bulgarian rose at its heart, it is marked by opening fresh green notes of cassis and Italian bergamot. It is young and dynamic, adventurous and full of passion, an addictive rose parfum that is both sexy and elegant.

Trouble in Heaven is both mysterious and overt as intoxicating amber resonates with notes of patchouli, tonka absolut and iris to create liaisons dangereuses. Warm and sexy, impactful, Trouble in Heaven lights the fire.

The bottle comes in a chic white and gold box and inside is a note written by Christian, a whimsical message of love and his gift to every woman.


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