Unveiling Fred's extended collection of its commemorative 8°0 collection.

September 6, 2017


In 2016, the French brand celebrated eight decades of jewelry creations with the Fred 8°0 bracelet. This year, the House has designed an entire collection around the theme of good fortune, including an ornamental piece studded with diamonds.

Like a talisman or lucky charm, the 8°0 bracelet, with its looped buckle that has neither beginning nor end, symbolizes good fortune, embodying all Fred’s creative values. This year, the brand has devoted an entire collection to the Fred 8°0 design, comprising a line of necklaces, rings, earrings and ornamental pieces, establishing a new icon for the House.

The 8°0 collection has added twelve new pieces. In addition to the original leather cable version, bracelets now include twisted cables, a fine-link chain and a multi-chain bracelet. Necklaces follow suit with short-fitting leather or fine gold link versions, decorated with a partially or fully-jeweled buckle. The earrings have clean, sleek look in white or pink gold. The soft curves of the rings are set off by pink or white gold, featuring a double trompe-l’œil openwork design. The rings come in small and medium sizes, either natural or partially or fully studded with diamonds.

The collection includes an ornamental jewelry pieces as well. Like a delicate lasso, the diamond-studded necklace ends in two pear-shaped diamonds, matched with jeweled drop earrings in white gold, ending with two pendants and two pear-shaped diamonds. The rigid iconic double loop bracelet forms an exquisite tattoo for the wrist. Ultra-feminine and elegant, the new additions to the 8°0 collection are lucky charms that always stay with the wearer, expressing both attitude and character.

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