It’s denim done right with a new project lead by Bruce Weber that focuses on the youthful ...

September 1, 2017

It’s denim done right with a new project lead by Bruce Weber that focuses on the youthful spirit of FRAME

Bruce Weber collaborates on a creative denim project with FRAME exposing the personality and unique characteristics of the brand’s essence.

Bruce Weber’s images of the ’80s and ’90s are amongst some of the most seminal of the 20th century, responsible for profoundly shaping the iconography of that era’s next generation of luxury brands. It was through his lens, his seductively optimistic vision of Americana; that the founders of FRAME, Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, first fell in love with fashion photography.

As with all their collaborations it started with friendship and as theirs with Weber progressed they had the realisation that embarking on a project with him was never going to be a conventional commercial arrangement; no season, no deadline, no perimeters. The logistics of the project were exquisitely old-school, eschewing control and embracing total trust in their relationship, Torstensson and Grede sent Weber a box of denim asking nothing of him except to send back his own interpretation; his point of view on denim today.

The duo will be the first to cite that FRAME has been the most incredible vehicle for them to collaborate with artists whom they admire and the partnership with Weber, is perhaps for Torstensson and Grede, one of their creative highlights of working in the business for 20 years. Their only agenda was to work with a personal hero, someone who was so heavily instrumental in forging their ideals of imagery and lifestyle; ones that still influence them daily.

When Weber finally sent his images back to Torstensson and Grede they were consumed by their beauty; a compellingly fresh-take on a somewhat overly sexualised industry. They knew these images of eternal optimism and energy had to be seen; and now they will, whether in the limited edition bound books, the FRAME tabloids or on billboards and fly-poster campaigns across Los-Angeles, New York and San Francisco; Weber and FRAME’s love-letter to denim, between friends.


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