Join the Couture gang as Yves Saint Laurent Beauty creates a new matte lipstick

More matte, more intense, taken to the absolute extreme. From morning to night and back round to morning again, the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Tatouage Couture collection leaves the ultimate lasting mark.

A reckless gang of shades – each one matched by a raw conviction – Intense colours here to stay, with a naked lip feel. Inky, cool and more matte than ever before.

Tatouage Couture Matte Stain reinvents the tattoo trend with an ultra-luxe formula made for rebellious lips only. A breakthrough formula delivers top colour pay-off with a naked lip feel. 3 times more pigmentation in a 4 times thinner veil than ever achieved before. A patented bevelled applicator gives the intuitive precision and control of a professional make-up artist to shape and contour lip curves.

Define lip contours with the sharp edge of the lip marker. Apply one coat on the center of the lips with the widest side of the lip marker.