An extremely fluid approach defines part of the Moncler Fall collection

Classicism and experimentation intertwine and harmonize in the Moncler Victorian Contemporary collection where an overall romantic mood that is deliberately a touch retro, marked by soft tones.

Sophisticated and branchè, there are a wealth of different outer garments featured in the collection: jackets, jerkins, overcoats in pure wool or wool combined with other fabrics, and quilted jackets, simple and double-breasted ones, in various sizes and lengths.

Garments in composite materials are featured with a range of textures and materials, with and without hoods and quilted with boudins, complemented by coarse cotton blousons with a slightly nineteenth-century, old-fashioned feel, with trimmed sleeves or decorated with crocheted inserts. A vast range of knitwear is also present such as turtle necks, pullovers, bon-ton cardigans, sometimes with raglan braids, in knitwear or in tricot and nylon léger, finished with stylish gros-grain piping in matching colours.

The range develops free and visionary with a texture of varied and multifaceted functionality in the interpretation of a subtle aesthetic common denominator.

The palette extends from a dense, metallic, continuous bass of dark grey, with a vein of iron, zinc and lead, traversing concentrated navy blue, anthracite, black and army green, and finishing with the dazzling bright shades of ivory. Checks and tartan are minimalist and included in their lattice pattern with gathered ruches, and crisp, sculptured geometric proportions. The collection features a casual attitude and great fit, contributing towards the poetic arrangement and the authentic literary and narrative significance of the collection.