We travel the world as Gucci helps us discover the locations that inspire the House.

July 24, 2017

Gucci has just launched a new project, Gucci Places, an initiative designed to invite people to explore a whole variety of locations that reflect the taste and values peculiar to the House and designate them Gucci Places. Alessandro Michele’s contemporary aesthetic can be at the tip of one’s fingers simply through the App.

The idea is to encourage people to discover interesting and unexpected stories and particulars about these places, and so become part of a community, sharing in the House’s enthusiasm for this eclectic collection of locations.

The very first Gucci Place to be unveiled will be Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, which is where Gucci is currently supporting an extensive exhibition of clothing and memorabilia entitled House Style. An exclusive selection of products based on those in Gucci’s Courrier collection has been created as part of the Gucci Places Chatsworth collaboration. The pieces all feature the Chatsworth and the Gucci Places patches and will be on sale only at the Chatsworth store, and Gucci’s Sloane Street store in London, from mid-July.

Each Gucci Place will have its own dedicated badge, inspired by the Place in question. These badges will reflect Gucci’s eclectic aesthetic and will incorporate motifs that suggest the specific location – a coat of arms, perhaps, or a design detail from a building.

In addition to this, a new functionality will be added to the Gucci App. This will be developed to involve customers in the story of each designated Place. The App will be configured to use the geolocation services of a user’s mobile device so that when you are in the proximity of a Gucci Place you will receive a push notification to invite you to visit the relevant location. When in the Gucci Place, the App will allow users to check-in and win the badge associated with it. Users can thus collect the badges of all the Places recommended by Gucci.

The App will also provide a detailed description of the Place, featuring texts, pictures and/or videos. Users will also be able to access an information section, which will enable them to contact the Place by email or phone, or visit its website.

Later this year the project will be further developed with the unveiling of more Gucci Places and specially developed products dedicated to these singular locations.


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