Shop the interactive Gucci Summer 2017 jewelry and timepiece collection featuring color, pearls and eccentricity.

Shot by Colin Dodgson, presenting the new Gucci Jewelry and Gucci Timepieces campaign featuring new designs by Alessandro Michele starring Lina Hoss and other models.

Gucci Timepieces’ president and CEO Piero Braga mentions “Alessandro is a crazy lover of jewellery and watches and it’s obvious from what you see here that his fashion vision is now firmly in place. It started to creep in last year, but this year we’re completely immersed in it.”

Made with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, pieces such as G-Timeless watch, House Double G necklace and G-Frame watch stand out. The Gucci Blooms fabric used so successfully in handbags (the double-G logo intertwined with florals) is now on the dial and strap of a 38mm gold PVD timepiece and cuff-watch, while the hugely successful Dionysus bag, with its characteristic hardwear buckle, is now a bracelet watch in polished silver and black enamel.

“It’s all about updating and renovating traditional Gucci symbols and making them modern again,” explains Braga. “We want to appeal to a young audience. It’s taken only two years for us to become the millennial brand to own, and there’s no reason this can’t be extended out into our watches.”