Moncler takes us on a fashion quest to the moon

The inspiration for this part of the Moncler Fall 2017 collection is the allure of man’s conquest of the moon. The brand has created ‘Moonray,’ a three-minute short film directed as a B-Movie. The plot follows the classical current of these films and is based on the fear for aliens and Earth invasion that becomes, through engrossing narrative, a more ironic vision of how all – human and extraterrestrials – are looking for the same thing: Moncler.

From the silver Jacket take place the fight beyond the Moon, in the frozen planet Glaglax, of the star girl and boy heroes against the alien. The real stars of the film are the jackets: human and alien faced and fight for Moncler, that will cross the limits of the earth to reach the space….

This amalgam combines outstanding technical properties, style and functionality for a textile support with a distinctive, multi-faceted metropolitan vocation, and a high-performance waterproof finish. Choisia is a highly feminine and sophisticatedly chic biker jacket with a soft collar in kidassia cashmere that completely sums up the cardinal points of this particular sector, encapsulated in the dynamic graphics of the lateral zip.

The imagination teems with ’70s references and themes that flooded fashion after man’s momentous landing on the moon. Coton Argent is a fabric generated by the encounter between ultra-light pure cotton muslin and the resilience of a shiny metallic film.