A collection with an artistic theme imposing dramatic silhouettes

For the Nina Ricci Resort 2018 collection, Creative Director Guillaume Henry was inspired by Pierrot, Columbine, and Harlequin.

Describing his execution of the collection with one of our favorite quotes ever “It’s in my blood to be bourgeois; it’s just a matter of being fun about it.” He noted how the costumes of these silent stock characters were often exaggerated and expressive in the absence of dialogue, yet also light enough to facilitate maximum movement.

Henry proposed romantic volumes that were distinctly his. He brought white poplin to the fore with dramatic blouses that required little more in the way of styling than well-proportioned black pants or a dance skirt. Otherwise, a powdery beige was often used as the foil for black, so that the effect read more faithful to Henry’s command of the maison’s codes.

The dramatic shapes were created with supple dimension and various trenches, a cape, and a redingote were soigné outerwear. Henry’s quest is to have Nina Ricci seem within reach of more women.