Celebrating the Oliver Peoples 30th Anniversary, the brand has partnered with illustrious ...

May 26, 2017

Celebrating the Oliver Peoples 30th Anniversary, the brand has partnered with illustrious photographer Peter Lindbergh for their newest campaign Desert Stories. Over his expansive career, Peter Lindbergh has ushered in a fresh standard of truth through his honest and intimate portraits. Lindbergh brings this perspective to Desert Stories, which is the latest extension in the exploration of our California roots.

The 30th Anniversary campaign’s narrative follows four friends as they discover an abandoned diner on the back roads of the Mojave Desert. Fashion icon Amber Valetta leads an all-star cast of models who represent both the notable legacy of Oliver Peoples and the brand’s aspiring future; including 90’s male model de jour, Alex Lundqvist, current editorial staple, Jac, and newcomer Levi Dylan — son of Jakob Dylan and grandson to Bob Dylan. Valetta is no stranger to Lindbergh’s gaze. The supermodel has posed for his lens countless times over her career and the intimacy the two share is palpable through the images they create.

The landscape’s picturesque Joshua Trees, striking mountain ridges, and cloud-speckled sky add cinematic depth to the black-and-white editorial. As the band of travelers explore the forgotten desert oasis, the viewer is invited to speculate on their journey: Where are they going? Where have they been? Desert Stories encapsulates a Californian’s tendency to follow their curiosities, stray from the beaten path and create unforgettable moments in the most remarkable places.

Watch behind the scenes as photographer Peter Lindbergh directs an all-star model cast for the Oliver Peoples 30th Anniversary commemoration.


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