Intuitive, bold, unconventional, elegant and nuanced, Kristen Stewart stars in the Chanel Ombre Première mono eyeshadow collection campaign.

These creations are all about contrast, and with their complete effect, yet nuanced way of dressing the eyelids, they invite you to explore all of their creative options.

Utilizing a system of stratification, the palette of mono eyeshadows for this year encourages the women to take a mix and match approach with the entire range; each color can stand-alone or can find a compliment in the others alongside it to intensify and amplify results.

Lucia Pica, Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, invents eyeshadows with two specific textures, cream and powder, that allows women to play endlessly and to give more boldness to the eye. A palette of colours, textures and contrasts, not to mention opportunities. Leaves, metals, manufactured products… At the heart of each eyeshadow lies the opposition of the plant realm and the industrial world. A collection that looks beyond the seasonality of trends. Cream eyeshadows layer over sumptuous matte, satiny or metallic powders. Colours and textures echo and complete each other to fully reveal the personality of women with its every nuance and subtlety.

The collection features 24 colours, some velvety and silky textures with subtile shimmers and others matte, satiny and metallic finishes. Each eyeshadow can be worn on its own, or be applied with another one. Ombre Première is also part of a collection that features two completely two new brushes, an eye pencil with a soft lead and an eyebrow gel without any matter. An invitation to apply makeup in complete freedom, to have fun, follow your instinct and be yourself.

The new Ombre Première, Eyes Collection 2017 will be available as of June 2, 2017 at all Chanel Beauty counters.