The Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book collection, the Art of the Wild, captures the unbridled ...

April 24, 2017


The Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book collection, the Art of the Wild, captures the unbridled beauty of nature while representing the consummate marriage of nature’s beauty and Tiffany’s legacy of design. The collection is composed of six themes—Whispers of the Rain Forest; Miracle Berry; The Falls; Leaves of the Sun; Feathered Cloak; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

“We continuously push the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation in every way. Every single year we’re looking for different ways to produce pieces that are so technically complicated, they seem almost impossible, but this is where we make the impossible happen,” says Melvyn Kirtley, chief gemologist and vice president of high jewelry.

With Whispers of the Rain Forest, Tiffany channels the restlessness of nature and lightness of movement into something wearable. Featuring a diamond collier with 200 baguette diamonds, the collection also includes a pair of earrings displays white diamonds and 30 yellow diamonds that graduate in color from Fancy Yellow to Fancy Vivid. A noteworthy Miracle Berry cocktail ring features a 20-carat cabochon rubellite with an alluring vivid red.

While on their expedition, the design team was inspired by nature’s phenomenal power. The Falls designs evokes the powerful force of water which is illustrated with a dazzling necklace made with baguette, pear-shaped and round diamonds with strands in staggering lengths.

Tiffany captures the notion of rebirth and the energy, recreating this in the Leaves of the Sun designs with a  focus on a lightness in the metal. A dramatic pair of palm leaf earrings feature brilliant tsavorite and yellow sapphire melee with South Sea black pearls.

The striking colors and forms of exotic birds are brought to life in the aptly named Feathered Cloak designs as gemstone-coated plumes mimic the flutter and movement of actual feathers. A hinged cuff captures a moment of a bird resting in its wing, and gemstones of yellow sapphires, blue sapphires and spessartites. A rare and stunning 13-carat oval blue cuprian elbaite tourmaline is the centerpiece of a ring. An exotic bird brooch features tourmalines and sapphires with an oval blue cuprian elbaite tourmaline and two pear-shaped sapphires at the end.

The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow designs tie back to Tiffany’s history of creating beautiful flowers, changing color over the course of three days and gently shifts from purple to lilac to white. Tiffany artfully captures this transformation with jewels embellished with ombré gemstones.

Watch the making of the 2017 Tiffany Blue Book collection where imagination and creativity explode, lifting the beauty of the wild to fantastical places.


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