For her first Chanel 2017 Cruise makeup collection, Lucia Pica has created a collection of ...

April 18, 2017


For her first Chanel 2017 Cruise makeup collection, Lucia Pica has created a collection of makeup which encapsulates instinctively the beauty and warmth of a Chanel Summer; a tribute to the free and solar personality of Mademoiselle.

LES INDISPENSABLES DE L’ÉTÉ is a luminous and glamorous makeup collection that distills Summer beauty down to its absolute essentials. A palette of sun-baked earthy tones, from warm peachy nudes to intense deep bronzes, is punctuated by green accents and a delicate grey-blue, with glossy coral-pinks evoking a deep, majestic sunset.

“It is all part of the relaxed freedom that is at the base of the collection,” says Lucia Pica.

As an addition to Lucia Pica’s CRUISE COLLECTION, Chanel introduces two new bronzing LES BEIGES products for the face. With the emphasis on light and easy textures, they are CHANEL’s most effortless bronzing products ever.

LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW LUMINOUS COLOUR takes healthy glow powder to a new level of radiance creating a subtle, natural veil over the skin, delicately lit with ultra-fine gold particles.

Lips shine with shades spanning a spectrum from sunrise to sunset. Choose the gleam: ROUGE COCO SHINE offers two beautifully glistening shades combining the glamour of a lipstick with the easiness of a gloss. Golden Sun, a modern, sunny peach, and Golden Sand, a warm intense nude. A trio of ROUGE COCO STYLO lip pens is the perfect Summer travel companions. Sépia* offers Lucia Pica’s version of a summery statement mouth, an intense bronzey chocolate to add a touch of Summer glamour.

Lastly, a quartet of LE VERNIS Longue Tenue both complement and redefine the idea of a Chanel Summer. A trio of coral and pinky shades adds a holiday feeling and a touch of breezy Summer glamour.

The collection will be available as of May 1st at all Chanel beauty counters.


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