A collaboration between the fashion House and artist Jeff Koons, the Louis Vuitton ‘Masters’ collection remixes the iconic artworks of the Old Masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations.

Jeff Koons holds an azure gazing ball, the inspiration for the ‘Masters’ Collection.

Perched atop one of Koons’s work tables is a smirking Mona Lisa. Materials, textures, and colours come together in a new context for the Old Masters. Painting by numbers at Jeff Koons’s New York studio. A pocket-sized replica of the Rubens’s The Tiger Hunt is printed across the Neverfull’s detachable zip clutch.

The Louis Vuitton ‘Masters’ collection features the works of TITIAN with Mars, Venus, and Cupid (c. 1546), RUBENS with The Tiger Hunt (c. 1615 – 1616), FRAGONARD with Girl with Dog (c. 1770), and VAN GOGH with a A Wheatfield with Cypresses (c. 1889).

Recreations of the Old Masters have been transposed onto the canvas of bags such as as the Speedy, the Keepall and the Neverfull with the names of the artists emblazoned across them.

“What’s wonderful about working with Louis Vuitton is that there really aren’t parameters. When they come and speak to you about a project, everybody already has an understanding of what the possibilities are to create something special. We both had the same objective: we wanted to make something that really uses material, texture and colour to communicate and create something desirable. So there was tremendous freedom,” said Koons.