For the Linda Farrow Spring 2017 ad campaign, the eyewear designer explores a new generation of ...

April 12, 2017

For the Linda Farrow Spring 2017 ad campaign, the eyewear designer explores a new generation of fashion influencers, Negin Mirsalehi, Nicole Warne, Lena Perminova and Leaf Greener, who have harnessed public consciousness via social media.

“We decided to work with these influencers as we felt they represented our customer base. Our global customer is fashionable, educated, creative, and individual. We feel these girls represent all of that,” Simon Jablon, founder and creative director of Linda Farrow, tells us of the collection which features several new styles, four of which were designed by the campaign stars. “We felt that the mix well represented our identity, but, at the same time, complemented one another. Each has their own style and take on fashion, but even with those geographical and taste differences, they all come together in this campaign to show their individual spirit within a similar framework.”

Screen Tests shot by Marie Schuller captures off guard moments arranged to convey a narrative which is playful, charming and surreal – characteristics symptomatic of Linda Farrow and embodied by each of these powerful women.

With that in mind, Linda Farrow’s creative team worked with each influencer to create a pair of sunglasses that was reflective of their personal style but still felt like part of the brand’s collective aesthetic. According to Jablon, Warne wanted to design a pair of sunglasses that would cater to the Asian market (but also appeal to the rest of the world) and feel luxurious, Mirsalehi a vintage-esque pair with see-through colored lenses, Greener a contemporary version of a round ’70s frame with platinum lenses, and Perminova a classic and timeless acetate style with updated temples in ebony wood.

Co-designing the four piece collection and starring in the beautifully delicate campaign shot by world renowned photographer Mariano Vivanco, these influencers boast a 6+ million strong Instagram following allowing Linda Farrow to tap into the digital universe like never before.


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