Shot by undisputed maestro of sophisticated realism Peter Lindbergh, the Pomellato Spring 2017 ad campaign stars a striking cast of strong-willed, independent women of all ages and from all walks of life.

A wide-angled reflection on what beauty is today is the narrative thread that runs smoothly through the campaign. Based on an idea of authenticity that skips rules, it promotes a balance between inside and outside, inner being and presence.

With the timeless beauty of individual personality, the campaign features Ana Duong, Caroline Corbetta, Helne Nonini, Rosemary Ferguson, Pihla Hintikka, and Larissa Hofmann.

In her lifetime Duong has toggled between careers as a ballerina, a couture model, an actress and an artist. Finding her greatest success as a portraitist. As an independent curator, Caroline is able to imbue all of her projects with her own unique sense of sophistication, born from an innate confidence and individuality. Helen Nonini is Milan’s most coveted brand adviser and she knows how to get you what you need. Rosemary, the London based, famed health guru nutritionist and naturopath. Pihla is a Finnish intellect and a Parisian It-girl, a mother, a model and, most of all, a storyteller. Between painting and photography, Larissa creates images that are both abstract and sensual, drawing from her experience in front of the camera to create languid and purposely feminine forms.

Watch behind the scenes as these timeless beauties define elegance for the Pomellato Spring 2017 ad campaign.