A meeting point between the past and the future, the new Versace boutique in Hong Kong blends ...

March 31, 2017

A meeting point between the past and the future, the new Versace boutique in Hong Kong blends traditional Italian architectural values with the dynamism and energy of the brand today.

The luxury Italian brand has opened a new 684 square metre flagship store in the heart of Central, housing both men’s and women’s collections. The boutique features Fior di Bosco marble and brass and Italian architectural concepts, while the backlit onyx façade is a luxe invitation to an indulgent shopping spree.

Uniting the luxury Italian brand’s past, present and future, the store showcases their traditional values while simultaneously updating them for the modern era.

“I just adore the design concept of our new Hong Kong Versace boutique, which pays tribute to Italy’s cultural heritage. In fulfilling this project we have created a space in which the Versace spirit can take flight,” says Donatella Versace, artistic director of the brand.

“For me, the boutique suggests an uninterrupted dialogue between our past and our future, between Versace and our clients.”

In celebration of the new store opening, a limited-edition mini Palazzo Empire bag is being unveiled in the Central boutique. Designed by Donatella Versace in collaboration with Swarovski, the silver crystal-studded bag features the brand’s iconic palladium Medusa, detachable shoulder straps, and a metallic tag inscription: The Palazzo Empire celebrating Hong Kong.

Additionally, the Palazzo Empire bags will come in a curated selection of precious skins, available in medium or large. A detachable custom metallic tag will be engraved with ‘Versace for Shanghai Commercial Bank Tower Hong Kong’, as a memento of the occasion.


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