As a model, creative director, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Olivia Palermo is a dynamic force in the world of fashion. She wears many different hats and puts her own distinctive spin on everything she does. In many ways, she lives her life by the motto of the iconic Piaget Possession collection with its rotating ring design: “Turn and the world is yours”. Supremely confident in her choices, with every single turn of the Possession ring she unlocks a world of infinite possibilities and takes possession of her life.

“Color is very much something I enjoy in life. I love that it was incorporated in the new collection,” says Olivia Palermo. “I think within the collection you see the different ways women can wear the Possession pieces and how it gives them confidence.”

The introduction of bright and bold Piaget colors to an iconic jewelry collection called for an equally vibrant and colorful collaboration with a woman who embodies the vitality of Possession.

For its second year collaborating with Olivia, Piaget put a spotlight on the many aspects of her life through film and photography, one vibrant color at a time and through this campaign, Piaget revealed how she balanced many different talents, weaving her life into a colorful tapestry of achievements and adventures.

Olivia Palermo brought her own uniquely daring yet sophisticated style to this unique collaboration. At the heart of the new campaign, a film launched on April 3rd sees its heroine moving from one dynamic color scene to another, each representative of a different situation and mood whether joy, love, playfulness, work, leisure or inspiration. Along the way, she reveals the many colors of her life as an entrepreneur, an influencer, and a wife appearing in two of the scenes alongside her husband, photographer Johannes Huebl.