Angela Missoni communicates the femininity of our times, prepared to confront the conflicts and ...

March 20, 2017

Angela Missoni communicates the femininity of our times, prepared to confront the conflicts and dilemmas of our contemporary society: the conditions, needs and rights of all women and all minorities.

A femininity that finds representation in Monte Rosa: the solidity of the mountain and the softness of its pinkish hues, a morning inspiration to Angela Missoni’s tireless quest to define Missoni’s style as its creative director.

Resilient “fil rose” emerges in the Missoni Fall 2017 collection of interactions and counterpoints, where the negative and the positive co-exist. Knitwear fuses partially-knitted motifs with others in opposing relief. Pierced, transparent and light as lace. Heavier warm and voluminous patterns in wool, mohair, towel stitchings or bouclé wools come to life in the variegated designs of monochromatic and multicolored pieces. Pairings and overlaps of stripes, checks, lamé melanges, pure white and lively hues; from yellow to orange, from turquoise to violet and red.

Missoni’s put-together approach for AW 2017 translates into a free combination of sophisticated macro-ribbed and pleated textures that create an almost kinetic movement through the use of bicolor strips and the polychromes of abstract paintings; executions and techniques that neither repeat themselves nor cross over into different pieces.

Each individual garment—from long, narrow single-breasted coats to snug or oversized pullovers; from long, loose-fitting cardigans to short, boxy blazers; from linear dresses to straight skirts and ribbed trousers; long, sleeveless evening wear to maxi sweaters worked by hand—becomes a demonstration of both art and craftsmanship. A statement on the versatility and permutability of a fashion that designs and redesigns itself on the body of each individual woman; exalting her personal uniqueness and style.

Accentuating the refinement of each look, Missoni presents elegant elongated, pointed-toe kitten heels in calfskin or suede, single-tone knit stockings, and multicolored stone necklaces with silver and aluminum hook closures reminiscent of archeological findings.

Go backstage and discover a trans-generational collection of femininity that is urban, while entirely at one with nature and the environment.


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